Shipped item never paid

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So offer up had this international shipping that I think it’s a bunch of bull crap .. buyer received my item on Oct 31th it’s Nov 8th and money is still showing pending. When u contact customer service they reply back with I will investigate and never do then they reply buyer has three days to review and it takes five day to process payment all a bunch of bull **bleep** . It’s been 8 days no money , I sold other items after this and received my money so my bank is not a issue. My buyer advised me they charge his card but Offer up refuse to release my money they rip me off !!!!
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**bleep**.... That's jacked up!!! I think the buyer have to Mark received on their end
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I’m thinking the same...I contact him just waiting to see if that will resolve the issue.
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So I recently did the same 3 days to get delivered, and another 6 before the money was transferred. It was a good easy experience for me. How long has it been?
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