Slow Sales! Try this idea!

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I had hit a dry spell in my actual sales. Nothing serious for more than a week. I didn't want to add more items until I had cleared out the "dead weight."

I reviewed my prices, this time only within OfferUp. I adjusted my prices accordingly to be highly competitive. Then, I reviewed the categories selected for each item & had to make a few changes here as well. Then, I forced myself to critique my pics. Yep! In a few of the higher priced items I had to update at least the primary pic.

Then, I sat back & enjoyed my breakfast with The Hubs. I selected 10 of my listings to "sell" today! I checked the # of views on each item for a few hours.

Then, I put into action sales strategies I acquired during my years as a sales consultant for a local Baby Bell!

I reached out to every person that ever contacted me.
1. I informed each contact that the list price had been significantly reduced (for many I provided the actual percentage).
2. I inquired whether they were still interested in said item?
3.A few replied they had found something else to which I offered sincere congratulations to them.
4. To the fence sitters, I sought out why they were hesitant? Or reasons they couldn't commit to a sale.

a. 3 had to work and really needed me to come to them. Agreed! One delivery down. 2 more to go.

b. One didn't get paid until she finished her shift at Midnight. She had shared the importance of the item listed was to her. So I reassured her I would hold it for her til the marrow. We are meeting at 5:30am before it becomes blistering hot.

1 had been out of town for the past 2 weeks. He requested an additional photo with a quarter in it before he could commit. While I didn't close this sale, he is now following me.

Another had completely spaced on the item. He was genuinely pleased with the lowered price & steadfastly claimed the item. I was paid in less than 30 minutes after I restablished contact.

2 remained still fence sitters.

At the end of the day I reduced my inventory by 9 items & am now enjoying Mexican food with The Hubs.

P.S. Each of the above contacts had only sent me "I'm interested," or "Is it still available?" queries.

Happy Sales with those browsers....

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We've been working on some cool things for flakes and no-shows! This has been a huge "issue" to tackle, but we've been working on some creative solutions that should really help cut down on these instances Smiley Happy

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Great ideas. You learned to personalize each sale by taking a little time to invest in the buyers needs.
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@Suzanne1!!!! You always have amazing ideas and suggestions. How long have you been in sales? Smiley Happy

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@Suzanne1 great advice! As a buyer, I do the opposite and send re inquiries for items that either the seller never got back to me, or we were not able to come to a reduced price. I find that many sellers will accept my lower offer after a week, month or two after our first communications.

Although!!! For some reason, recently!!! I’ve only been able go back to a month in messages!!! Smiley Sad
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I was extremely fortunate in my past employments. My first "cold sales" job was as a Mary Kay Consultant. While I never won a pink Caddy, I was able to support my young family. Then, I worked in the hospitality industry where I depended on tips. I had many craft gigs over the years as well.
I left all the "hand to mouth" type of jobs behind and became a teacher for many years. I taught in 5 different countries before returning as an Asst. Prof. as a Teacher trainer in Bilingual/Multicultural education & ESL endowments. It is estimated that a person changes careers about every 20 years. This has been very true for me. After 20 years, my kids were grown, I needed a change. It was by sheer chance that I inquired about a position with my local phone company.
I was blessed with an immediate hire and a 32 week training course that included how to sell. I hit the sales floor running. And I was President's Club every year for the 11 years I worked there. I was taught everything from cold calling to upselling.
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---You sound like you are an amazing woman! @Suzanne1---
So glad you are helping the OfferUp Community with your expertise & experience---👍
Enjoy your informative/passionate posts 😊
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@KSARASARA Blushing...
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WOW! I second @KSARASARA - what an amazing story, @Suzanne1!! 

Oooooh Mary Kay. I'd LOVE some of that amazing night cream right about now hahaha. Cold sales like that is TOUGH! I used to do software sales, and learned a ton back then. 

I'm glad you found these forums! You definitely are a super seller Smiley Very Happy

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---Hence, a "Super Seller" Badge---
What do you think @Mj_206?
There are definately some Super Sellers here! 👍
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Thank you for this!!! I was having some trouble with this as well.