Slow Sales! Try this idea!

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@SisterMary185 Thank you your compliment & encouragement. All to often in all aspects of our lives were are critiqued. I hope you're a life coach or similar because your feedback is so positive & constructive.
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Thanks for sharing these tips!
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Thanks for the in site.
I could use all the help I
can get. Awesome.
And Congrats...
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I've done some of the suggestions and still no sales, plus I've been spending a lot of money on bumping with no results, any suggestions on that.



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That goes to show that great customer service can take you far, thanks for sharing.
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Thanks so much for sharing! I now feel inspired and motivated again to keep trying!
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Great tips and information, very helpful for new people at this like me. Thank you!
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Thank you for the shared information. I am also hitting a dry spell and will take your advice today to see how it will change sales for me.
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Weird only because mine is exact opposite- I’m just a seller & as long as the offer isn’t more than 50% off- off my listing price-I almost always accept 🤷🏽‍♂️ - then get ghosted as if they were just testing me ... yet I have almost 100 offers posted on my page and have made 100+ sales since October 6th 2018 - I never make price “firm” as that would take the whole idea away -
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What excally are the consequences going to be or what incentive are you trying to do?