Slow Sales! Try this idea!

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@Suzanne1 Thank you for these pro-tips you shared here. This is why I check in on this forum once a day. There is always something new to learn. Right now I am going through a slow sales period where I am either being ghosted or dealing with no shows. I understand that people go on vacation which is one of the reasons things are slow, but I am all for improving sales. I am going to be very busy with my job for the next week or so, but once I am able I will be going full swing with selling ( implementing your pro-tips). Thank you once again.
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We've been working on some cool things for flakes and no-shows! This has been a huge "issue" to tackle, but we've been working on some creative solutions that should really help cut down on these instances Smiley Happy

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Thank you all at Offer up for working on this problem. It is very appreciated.😀
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It looks to me like you worked hard for those nine sales. Good for you! Way to put together a plan and follow through on it!!! Hopefully I'll have some success with all I'm learning in the community!
@Suzanne1 Thank you so much for your tips! I love how you set a goal, followed through, and created your own success instead of waiting for it to happen!!!
Best of luck with all your future sales and thanks again for sharing your success tips!!!

The other thing that can help your sales grow is by putting up nice and clean photos of your item on offer up. We have seen that having good photos can help a lot with selling your item.

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Totally 100% agree with this, @Nebsbikeshopoff! Welcome to the community Smiley Happy

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Photos can make or break a sale. When I don't receive any traffic on a new post it is always because of the main photo. Sometimes, just changing the main photo is enough. Sometimes, I've had to retake all the photos in order to get any traffic.

Solid, single colored backgrounds are best for photos. Never use red for a background!
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Thanks @Mj_206! I’ve been frustrated with the few no shows I’ve encountered because I just don’t do that so it’s shocking when it happens to you. I was exploring other sales platforms but will stick with OfferUp as it looks like you all are hearing us and are really trying to make a great app.
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Absolutely, @ReeC! I'm so passionate about this community and love passing on feedback!