Spammers and spammers hijacking accounts

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Beware of your account being hijacked! I just had it happen to me. Probably because I have a long and good record. They got into my account and changed my email and password and started posting away with a $1500 price tag that was a steal on a car they were supposedly selling for their aunt. Good thing I could still log in with my Google link. Then I had to change my email and then password. Buyers look at our stars and reputation. I have worked hard to have my 105 ratings and 5 star average and to think that some scammed could have used that to hurt someone really bothers me! They may have gotten my info from a new scam that google reported with fake "confirmation of your google account" pages. However it happened, I feel we should be able to reach a live person at offer up 24/7 with these issues. It would have been a lot easier and quicker to make sure no one got ripped off or hurt in this situation.
I got hijacked this morning somebody in Atlanta trying to sell a tractor.

I'm in norman oklahoma and don't own a tractor