Starting a petition for better Seller/Buyer Customer Support

Level 1
I have been selling online for many years and on OfferUp for a couple of years now and I am starting a petition for better Seller/Buyer customer support. The fact that I have now spent 40 minutes of my day just trying to figure out how to contact “customer support” regarding an issue is unfathomable. This is a serious problem with the foundation of OfferUp. This app is still young and in the “startup” stage and should stop trying to add new features until the basic ones are on point.
I’m tired of seeing posts from OfferUp in social media ranting and raving about this and that new exciting feature when just trying to do the simplest thing like contact customer support turns into an all day gig.... PLEASE HEAR THIS OFFERUP:
It’s time to get your core basic stuff in check. It’s time to put your (and my) money where your mouth is and show all of us sellers that you actually care about us and what we have to say because without us you are nothing. Like seriously nothing. It takes sellers to generate cash flow for OfferUp to pay employees and everything else you guys do...
We want better customer support and we want it now!
If you are a seller or buyer who uses OfferUp and you too agree with this PLEASE comment and say “I Agree” 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Level 4
I agree - one thousand times - for crying out loud! Why is it so painful? Just dealt with a dumbass seller who is too lazy to price her items individually and listed the lot for $1. I reported her and told her she was in violation of the rules and she didn’t give a **bleep**.

I have such high hopes for this app. If this one doesn’t work, the market will replace it with another one. I don’t want that - I’ve tried to build a good reputation as a buyer and seller here and want it to work. OfferUp - are you listening and invested in us or are you waiting to cash out?

IMO, OfferUp is waiting to "cash out". The last 2 Series D investment rounds were dismal compared to LetGo. Even Mercari raised more money that OfferUp on the last round.