Staying Safe on OfferUp

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There are always amazing tips on staying safe here in these forums, but this time our very own @thisisflea posted a detailed blog on staying safe


Staying safe on OfferUp — the dos and don’ts of online marketplace transactions


Go check it out and let us know what you think! Cat Very Happy

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How can I find confirmation that I bought item on offerup? I bought item from the guy he rated me and I rated him but I need confirmation for another person that I bought item from offerup.
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Thank you.
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Ive been ripped off on this app already and I just joined.  The person agreed to ship on payment, they wanted cash from a 'cashapp' app.  I knew that was not safe, and thought it was odd to not accept the payment through this app, so I said I would only do paypal. 


Well they deleted the account as soon as I paid through paypal and now i have to go through the pain in the **bleep** claims process.  so I guess buyer beware on this app. 


I would only do business with someone verified by the trueyou thing and also that has a review.