Stolen Camera



My camera was stolen at a club. I found a seller selling my camera on OfferUp and the seller followed the buyer so I contacted the buyer.


They met at a mall but they met somewhere without any camera. The buyer did not have any information of the seller and the seller does not have anything verified.


I hope OfferUp at least has the seller's phone number registered.


What should I do right now? I have the serial number to verify that the camera was mine.


This is the seller's profile:

Here's my post about the camera:

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I would report the person to Offerup and your local police. I wouldn't put the person on blast here.
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Like aiden said, it's best to contact the police first.

I would delete the user links, if he finds this thread he can just take the item down and dissapear.

It's possible his phone or email are logged, since they are used to verify an account after some time.

First, delete the links.
Second, file a police report.
Once they assign someone to you they can supeona any info from OfferUp if needed.