Stop wasting time on browsers and no shows!

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I'm sure most everyone at one time or another has experienced the "browser". This person will ask questions about an item, request more photos, want measurements, and will probably even say they wont have the money until a later time. I have my own way to avoid dealing with this, and its as simple as these five words when replying to their first post: "Are you ready to buy?" I've found that this will usually separate the browser from the buyer. It is also useful when someone offers less than your asking price. If they aren't ready to buy I politely reply "Sorry, I only accept lower offers from those who are ready to buy."
Occasionally I will get a huffy answer or be told that they wont ever buy anything from me. Thats the chance I take to eliminate browser frustration, and it works for me. I think most of the time the person genuinely interested in the item understands and will still check back when ready. And I have made over 100 sales and have a 4+ star rating to back me up. I honestly hope my suggestions will help some of you, but perhaps they're not for everyone.

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@Sandling_AllDay--Those are great tips & advice!! I especially love that you look to see if the person read the message, & if no response you don't go. I was doing the same thing & then 2 days later the person is trying to make contact again. It really comes down to if you're not planning on meeting, it's important to be honest & say that. If more people were courteous that would cut down on no shows but also frustration from the seller's end. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!!

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@LakotApache Thank you for sharing! 

That's a pretty good way to handle it! I'll have to start trying that, it's super frustrating running around trying to answer all their questions, take more photos, etc. only for them to never reply! The worst is when I include all the measurements (which is almost always!) and they still ask me for them, all they have to do is read through the description and they'll have their answers lol
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.I like that that's a good idea I'll have to try that the next time it happens thanks.
Thanks for the advice. I am the one who gets easily frustrated by the insecurity of looky loos. Their imaginations thriving on the anticipation that will never materialize.
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Absolutely love this idea! I will definitely be adding in that question to my replies on a first post. Thanks for sharing that tip!
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Thanks for the great advice!
I can’t believe how many people waste other people’s time on here so blatantly. I would never bother someone with multiple questions, sometimes even over the course of an entire day, knowing that I’m not ever going to buy the item! Some people think it’s a game or something.
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Glad I could help some of you, let me know it works out!
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Yes @LetsMakeADeal @LakotApache has a great point, it really frustrating to everyone, drives me crazy 😜 like he was saying you will get people that will take it as being rude, but what’s a buyer to do, It’s worth a try and see how it goes 👍
It’s great we all can vent and maybe help others from the lessons we have all learned over the years👍