Stop wasting time on browsers and no shows!

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I have found it very easy to eliminate browsers by simply stating "I will consider all reasonable offers" if they ask for my offer or when giving a low offer I then also say "I'm sorry that is just too low." Then I bid back an forth with them. If they persist on lower price I will finally say, "I think $.... is a reasonable offer for this item. Let me know when you're ready to buy." I do get those who promise to meet and then do not confirm. I offer one more confirmation and then if I do not get a reply I have been sending them a message that says "I only meet with buyers who confirm our meeting place and time as my time is very valuable and cannot be wasted." I started this after my first NO SHOW. I haven't had a NO SHOW since. I also meet in a public place that has many security camera's around such as in a grocery store that has a coffee place and even a bank inside. I have not had to sell large enough stuff that I could not transport it. I make sure the buyer meets my sched and not theirs. I have had great luck with this and have not wasted my time since the first NO SHOW. I have worked Customer Service, billing and managerial positions and have found the best way to respond is with assertive respect, not with blatent statements. You need to let people know you respect them, but they need to respect you as well. Blatant statements do not get you that. Which may be why you only have 4 stars, some people may be taking your comments as rude and even as a personal attack. I would take it as a rude seller and may not want to do business with them even if I needed the item for sale. You may just want to rephrase a bit. It doesn't seem like you are trying to be rude by this discussion, just assertive to your rights as a seller. You can get a much better response from potential buyers with just a bit of a tweek in your phrasing.
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As a buyer too though I have to say that I get frustrated with too little information. I post my items with all the info I have and get very little questions about it. But I will ask many questions if I need to in order to know if the item meets my needs, especially with things like electronics, tile, and such. Some people are juststupid enough not to read the descriptions and so you get the questions that you already answered in the description though and that, I agree, is frustrating.
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Now I think that I'm the browser.
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😂 that’s funny I get a lot of buyers they see my description I word it like this if it’s a PlayStation console I say ( PlayStation 1 console, includes 1 random game, also includes 1 controller, and also includes all the cords and accessories you need to start playing right away. It is in working condition and I do not do try it before you buy it! Lol ok! So I get idiots who write me and say does it work , and how many controllers, and it doesn’t have the cords? Or they say can we meet somewhere they have a tv or plug to test it that’s 25$ it’s a lot of money to just throw away stupid people half of them must not know how the hell to read the other half just looks at pictures and say **bleep** the rest 😝 people are so **bleep** stupid it makes me wonder if they all aren’t aliens!!!! Hahahaha 😆

I think we should make a list of the peoples screen names who do this and post it. I have sold over 100 items on here and have over 20, 5 star ratings. I would say about 5-10 people messege me per day asking about items and only 1-2 of them will end up buying. I feel like you should get kicked off this app if you keep doing this. I bet its the same group of people wasting everyone's time.
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@DiscountShoesI would say if your getting that many questions about your items, you've got terrific traffic. That;s a good problem to have. If these are legit questions, there's no need to be frustrated. How can you determine to purchase if you have legit questions and sellers don't want to answer.


I recently had a guy, who I reported, get upset and said I shouldn't message him if I wasn't going to buy. Meanwhile, he failed to post the proper size of the item. I couldn't purchase without knowing the size! Now if your just getting the pre-written responses in the tabs, well that's different.


Anyone who actually takes time to write a question I feel has more interest and potential. The tabs just make it easy to go from accidentally hitting (I've done that) to kids, to people just curious to see if there's a pulse on the other end. I agree about those types who just waste time.

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Amen, and most of mine are at 11:30 at night!
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Nice post and advice Lako.
While reading the others responds, an idea just pop up. Sellers should think like a browsers and ask what would they want to see on your descriptions. Think of a chess game, where your next move will be a checkmate, meaning there won't be a loophole for the browsers to make.

Anyway, I think OfferUp should implement a delivery service that come with a fee like Lyfe or Uber. The deliver will be charge once the seller reach the destination and the buyer will have certain time before it expired. This serve as a good way for buyers with disability or for those just want hassle free experience. Think of Ebay, order, paid and wait for delivery. For OfferUp, both party need to agree to monitor reach other and commited to finish the transaction through wait , meet and delivery lol. That's just some of my idea. Cheers for reading.
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So nice to have fresh out-of-the-box thinking... thanks for participating and sharing your ideas 👍☺
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Oh my goodness, this is a fantastic idea!! Thanks for sharing, @Condorx2 Smiley Happy