Stop wasting time on browsers and no shows!

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Agreed with you. Im new and trying to find a pair of lamps for my end tables near Poplarville, Mississippi. I'm getting frustrated already trying to figure this out.
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Offer up isn’t just for sellers. It’s for browsing and comparison shopping. If you want less questions include the info in your description.
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I think there should be an option aside of their show tag
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lol if everyone runs off every potential buyer they dont like,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,what good is offerup ,,there would be no buyers ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i like offers,,,,that shows me people are interested in my items,,,,,,,,,,,all my sales go well,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,if i get an offer i dont like,,,,,,,,,,i just make a counter offer ,,or say ,,,,,,no thankyou,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,the offerup app works great for me,,,,,the more  i work at it,,,,,,the more i sell

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Personaly i have been working at this for not new to this....that being said would you put up with someone calling you a **bleep** head for not takeing there 1 buck offer....i guess you havent dealt with this situation yet you will. Yes i report and block they just get under a diffrent name and do the same i wish you all the freaks and wackos do this **bleep** to you. Then im sure your attidue would change....