Stop wasting time on browsers and no shows!

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@Sandling_AllDay--Those are great tips & advice!! I especially love that you look to see if the person read the message, & if no response you don't go. I was doing the same thing & then 2 days later the person is trying to make contact again. It really comes down to if you're not planning on meeting, it's important to be honest & say that. If more people were courteous that would cut down on no shows but also frustration from the seller's end. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!!
Can someone explain which checkmark determines if they've read It? Its a bit confusing, the 2 different check marks or nothing at all.
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@Sandling_AllDay Welcome to the OfferUp Community forum,

Sandling_AllDay here you go information below , 😎🇬🇧🔚

Tips for messaging

Answer quickly

Respond to messages as soon as you can. Great buyers and sellers typically respond within an hour, and sometimes within seconds.

Tell them if you change your mind

If you change your mind, a simple "Thanks, but I changed my mind" will let everybody move on.

If they don’t answer, check the receipts

If the other person doesn’t respond, check that they saw your message. Look on the right side of the last message you sent: If you see a green dot with two white check marks, they’ve seen that message.

Screenshot of message, "Hi, is this still available?" that has a green dot with two white checkmarks. This shows that the other person has seen the message.

If there’s only one green checkmark in the circle, it means they haven’t seen it yet.

Screenshot of message, "Hi, is this still available?" that has a green circle with a single green checkmark. The other person has not seen the message.

When they don’t respond, it's OK to continue searching for another item or buyer. To avoid confusion, it's kind to let them know about your change of plans.

Stay safe

Don't text and drive, and never share your account info, password, phone number, or email address. Sometimes people will "phish" for your confidential info, to try to steal your online identity. OfferUp will never ask you to put account or personal info in a message thread. If you see suspicious behavior in our app, please report it.

The people you want to do business with will meet you at safe locations, without demanding additional info. Find a Community Meetup Spot near you
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@Sandling_AllDay--I also would like to welcome you to the OfferUp Community Forum!! This is a great opportunity to interact with other buyers and sellers, share ideas, thoughts and experiences, as well as offer tips & suggestions with one another. Hope you have an awesome time interacting!! Welcome!!
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Totally in agreement with you...
that would avoid loss of time and loss of sales.
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Thank you so so much for your advise
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I've found that people who ask an inordinate amount of questions never buy. In fact, that's been the case 100% of the time from my experiences. They generally ask for info that's already in the listing, if I'll come down on the price, why I'm selling it, does it have a warranty, and so on and so forth. It generally ends in a no-show, an "I'll get back to you when I get paid" type response or "Let me discuss this with my husband." And the demographic is always the same. I honestly want to ignore their questions after the first two but don't want to be rude.
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@Penelope89--I totally agree with you!! For a while I was experiencing the same type of thing. The information is in the description, & people ask the repetitive questions, but you take the time to answer because you don't want to appear rude. I totally get it. Sometimes people may do that just to see if an item is negotiable, or it might be something their really interested in, but want to keep the conversation going because there might be that hope that "Eventually s/he will come down on the price."--You never really know the true intentions of others!! Thanks so much for your time and feedback!!
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Hi there, yes I've blocked a few rude people but they can still see my things and message me. The only thing is i cant see their messages but i can see they messaged.
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Hi there, in your profile when you see the views on the items on the side u see the little bubbles of each individual buyer. In most of my items i have like 2 or 3 messages but only one will show. Because either the other ones blocked me or they were blocked. Notice when u post something and someone messages you but the message wont show? Its either cause they blocked u or u blocked them. Apparently if u blocked them they can still see and message your item except u wont be able to see to reply that message.
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