Stop wasting time on browsers and no shows!

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@CLOVERCT--Hello & welcome to the OfferUp Community Forum!! Typically, if you make an offer close to the asking price, & if the seller really wants to sell the item they would accept the offer. Dealers would look at your credit history, to see how dependable your history is, but most dealers would accept your price, but probably add fees on top of the selling price. It depends how much you're able to put down as toward the down payment (at a dealership). I hope this helps!!
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I am sure glad to have read this, I m sure everyone wants to cut down on people who only want to play games and/or just wast your time.

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Totally, @1sidehustle! We hope to release some features here that will limit the number of flakes and no-shows Smiley Happy

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Nice! I’m ready! Let’s do this!
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@Travieza--When you block someone or they block you for whatever reason, neither person should be able to see further messages/communication, etc. from them. Thank you so much for your response!!
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@Hi-there They shouldn't, but I had several users I blocked still able to message me. I just couldn't see the messages. This brought down my reply rate. The system is incredibly flawed. I never felt so unsafe before with an app. I cant even unblocked those users myself. I have to fight tooth and nail to get support to help me unblock them just so I can blocked the user again. It's frustrating. I personally like Letgo's system of blocking because the users control it and they can see who they blocked and unblock them at their leisure. Offerup needs that type of system.
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@aidenholley--I'm so sorry to hear that. It would be frustrating yo still receive messages from people who have been blocked. I personally haven't experienced that. I've blocked a few people or the people have been blocked or banned for different reasons & all I can see from them is a little image/picture of the person but no direct message from them & I simply ignore it. Thank you so much for your response; very interesting. There should be a solution down the line for this inconvenience. Thank you again!!
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Yes it is fustrating and i have figured out a way i can keep reporting users who keep trying to message me. I go to their page before blocking i heart one of their items into my favs under a separate list of block people only and then block them and their item still shows that way i can track who i block.
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@Hi-there I see those pics too. However, sometimes they come up on the newer items that I post. I instantly recognize that these were users that I had blocked and I can't see the messages sent. @Travieza sometimes the users I blocked dont have items when i block them, so that solution wouldn't work for those users.
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Truly genius, very informational.
Thank you