Stop wasting time on browsers and no shows!

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I've experienced all that you've described above & have also wondered why my listings aren't being read. ALL the info is there, right? My take...after 18 months of using this application,
5is that they want all info listed on the subject line, which is impossible, but do your best. If you have to say, IT'S AVAILABLE on the subject line, try it. It's worked for me. Some buyers have
become Extremely lazy. There. I said it. Don' waste a lot of time getting frustrated. Not everyone who inquires about your item is going to purchase and that's why I have become less tolerant of those I know who are harassing me, playing games, have no intention of purchasing, and/or are just plain lazy. Gauge your buyer...don't become overly invested until there's an accepted time and place and even then? It's not a successful transaction until you've received payment and they have their item. I have 120+ stories of transactions with Offerup and have learned a lot. PM me if you have any questions.
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Thank you . I try to gauge where they're at by asking them questions like "Are you ready to buy or is there something more you'd like to know? Or "Do you want to get this or do you have questions?" If they don't have questions or not ready to buy, they usually simply don't respond, then I know they aren't motivated to get it yet. Once in a great while they'll come back to me if they're interested. Otherwise, I'll just leave them be. Most people just walk away and don't respond if they truly aren't interested or they don't get the price they want, but once in a while, refreshingly, they will say thank you. If they do state that they want to get it in the near future (they usually will state "Friday", "early next week", "the weekend", etc.) then I will swing back around and check on them if I remember that.
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@Daddypete57. Thanks. The OfferUp app is great! My meet up/sell experiences have been great. I've been trolled a bit and have had some time wasters, but it all comes with the territory and within all that, there are serious buyers and it all works out. Overall, I've been quite pleased with OfferUp. One of the unique features is this forum. And I really appreciate it. I'm happy with the direction that the app is going. It's always moving in a positive direction and I'm happy to be part of it.😀
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I totally agree as a new seller to this app. I just experienced a no show today. I’d waited for almost an hour. I didn’t force them to purchase my item and yet they’d agreed to the time and meeting place but still no show? My feelings are filled with anger but yet there’s nothing I can do but feel helpless.
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I'm sorry that happened. I wouldn't wait unless the person reached out and said they were running late with an ETA. I got stood up once. I just happened to be there anyway cuz I met a buyer 5 minutes previous to our meet up time. I was there about 20 minutes but would have left sooner if I didn't already have things to do on my phone. I messaged the buyer and could see that he read the messages right away but I got no response. So I said since I see that you've read this but haven't responded I'm going to assume you are not coming so I am leaving. The next day, he messaged me and said that he left his phone behind. How could he have if he was reading my messages? He wanted another chance to get what he asked for but he didn't get the chance. 2 or 3 weeks passed and I sold the item for my asking price instead of the lowered price he asked for and I agreed to, but I didn't want to anyway. So it all worked out and I got more money in my pocket as a result of his flakiness. Perhaps some other forum users can give you better advice than me, since I've had limited experience in this arena. I'm not sure if you did this with that potential buyer or usually do, but the thing to do to reduce no-shows is to confirm shortly beforehand. That is, of course, unless you made the plans within an hour before the meet up. I meet up about 4-5 minutes from my house, so I tell people to message me when they're 10 minutes away. That gives me 5 minutes out the door and 5 minutes to the place and we therefore meet about the same time and I don't waste any time waiting around or even driving there in the first place if I don't hear from them.

Hopefully rather than feeling helpless, you'll feel empowered by your experience. By going through it, you'll hopefully learn something valuable as you move forward. And if not in the experience alone, then by the good advice you get from the community by sharing your experience.

BTW, Welcome to OfferUp! 🤗
I hope your good experiences outweigh the bad by far. Some BS always comes with the territory, but intelligent dealings will help to reduce some of it. Keep looking to the support of the forum community for tips to help you out. Best of luck! 😉🖖
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I used to set meeting time and place, because the app is set up that way.  But it seemed that when a buyer was faced with commiting to a meet I set up, they were suddenly not interested.  When I realized what was going on, I changed,  I started prompting them where to meet,  and then ask what time would be good for them.  This has worked better for me, since I’m retired.  I have also had a run of sales or buys after 8:30 pm. All of them turned out to be good people,  one was an oriental couple couldn’t speak much English, but we made it through,  another one was Hispanic that came quite a ways for a baby changing table for just $20!  I have even had them come to my house late, because the husband didn’t get off till 8pm, so a lot of time you have to show a buyer that you are flexible to their needs, and sales will happen.

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@SherylR wrote:
One of the unique features is this forum. And I really appreciate it. I'm happy with the direction that the app is going. It's always moving in a positive direction and I'm happy to be part of it.😀

This post made me so happy!! Smiley Very Happy I absolutely love these forums - they really are a great place to get some buying and selling tips! Thanks for sharing the positivity Smiley Happy

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A third of my postings lol.. offer half of what's already losing me 80 percent. Then no reply.. or is it just because it's Kankakee ? Lmao . Thanks for any changes with this
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I'm borrowing your style lol
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I found a car i think i want seller asking $4,300. I send them an offer of $4,000. I haven't heard back from them. Do dealers except offers with that much off. And if so will they try to get more after i go see the car. If they try to get more ill just have to walk. Thanks I'd like to hear from you thanks, sunday Nov 4th 2018.