Stop wasting time on browsers and no shows!

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I believe @Hotrod has made a great point. It is nice to have people that you can vent to and have support and learn lessons from. It’s helpful to me. Thanks to everyone.

My first response is always
"Great, when can you pick it up?" I usually always respond within 10minutes of being contacted. In my experience, the people who do not respond back also within approx. 10 minutes (at this point 20minutes since being contacted), they are unlikely to buy. I send "??" after 1 hour of no response, wait a little while longer, then report and block. I have been a seller for a long time now and I have zero tolerance for window shoppers, flakes and low-ballers.
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You deserve a medal for patience. I too am a sales person and sell on EBay but you have really gone the extra for buyers

Yes, it's so annoying and rude. I've had SO many people message me with questions that were in my listing details then ask for the address and never show up. I've also had people message me over a span of days....wasting my time to then still never show up!
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NEVER give a buyer your home address! There is a bumper crop of nutcases on all garage sale apps and websites! You have no idea of what kind of person you are giving your address to. Always pick the meeting spot too. You could be walking into a ambush with their back up waiting on you. Use common sense and meet in a public place with a lot of people around during the day. Just trying to help some of you from being a victim. There are definitely some wackos out there!
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As a new member & buyer I appreciate the frustrations you experience when asked for more photos and/or measurements. I'd like to share thoughts from the buyer's perspective that may not have occurred to you. I frequently ask for measurements because my home is very small. When you have furnishings & live in little more than 800 sq. ft. measurements matter greatly. Size is not often apparent in a photo, unless some other object is in the photo for scale. But then, you run the risk of a buyer wanting that chair, floral arrangement, or books included in the price posted. I have a background in visual merchandising; chairs, books, & floral arrangements make the image more attractive. However they may not be the most practical solution on OfferUp unless your post specifically says "books (or other items) not included".
One practical idea I've seen some sellers use is to have their hand near the item in the photo. That may work better for trinkets, nic nacs & wall hangings than sofas, chairs & bookshelves. If the bookshelf is shown empty to prevent buyers from wanting the books included, simply have someone's hand shown touching the side.
And don't be discouraged when a buyer still asks for measurements. They may have limited space, but a real need for a desk, bookshelf, etc. I personally have bought two shelf units (one a small corner unit that I put in my small bathroom there are scented candles on the topshelf, bath supplies on the middle shelf and extra toilet tissue on the bottom shelf. The other one is perfect for a much needed DVD cabinet.
Size matters in small spaces, colors matter to decorator tastes, & so on. You are justified in your frustration when you already posted measurements, but many sellers don't, or include height & width but not depth. If a seller asks you questions at least you know your post has piqued interest. If that buyer doesn't buy the next one may.
Also, remember that the best sales people are very positive thinkers.
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@Sue_Z_Belled What your saying is true. I agree with you. But there are many out there that just do it for fun. I believe that is what most people are complaining about. Again, it’s the price of doing business. Need to just move on to the next buyer or seller. I can’t even count the number of times I was played with. I just wait for the next buyer or sellers that are true. Hang in there. The real people who want to Buy or sell will come along.

When can we get paid for items shipped a month ago!
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Not yet & really hope I never do.
I think all your information is helpful, but it really seems like it's common sense to me.
Thanks again