Stop wasting time on browsers and no shows!

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Thank you, I found some very helpful tips in your response.
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I'm new to the selling of items here on OfferUp.   Any other pointers? Also what are the levels next to you names?

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Thanks for this. I use another app to cross-post in hopes of selling my items more quickly. I've noticed that people are indecisive, asking to hold something until the end of the week, but a minute later saying that they can meet next-day. And almost everyone tries to barter, understandably, though some things I share are not only in amazing condition, but already priced at a deep discount. Thanks for the reminder to get to the point with browsers.
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Fools and crazy people will always be with us.
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No shows will always be with us
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I use other apps too.  The funny thing is that on this app I was only being offered 30% of the asking price, yet on another app someone emailed me and thought the full asking price was such a bargain he couldn't believe his luck.  We ended up selling to him.  

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I’m going to use your words.

Any suggestions to avoid no shows. I have a very high NS
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Hi @ Sally1, I personally found that I have cut down on my no shows by asking the buyer tio message me when they on the way or when they get to the designated meeting spot before I even leave my house.
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Hi @BROWNYZE welcome to the Community forum.
I recommend checking out the new OfferUp profile tools helps you decide if people are reliable.
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I just want to make sure I'm doing this right. I want to remove some items I have posted because they just didn't get enough views or response. Do I mark as "sold" to someone else and archive it or is there another way to just remove items you wind up giving to the Church? I'm sorry if this information is written somewhere, I just missed it and want to do it right. Thank you thank you. Natalie