Stop wasting time on browsers and no shows!

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No you're absolutely right not everyone has items on their page. But it helps on those who do.
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I agree, it's (part of, anyway) the cost of doing business. There will always be window shoppers & those who simply want you to give it away. But if you persevere & focus on the customers who want to make a fair transaction you will prevail.
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Hi I’m new on here so I don’t know what certain things mean or say. Like how can I tell or know if the person I sent message to about an offer if he has read it and how will or do I know if he accepted my offer? Thank you for your advice and help.
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Welcome to the forum, and thank you for your question.

When you send a message, there's a little white circle with a green checkmark that appears by what you've written. After your message is viewed, that symbol changes to a green circle with 2 white check marks. That's how you will know the seller has seen your message.
If they accept your offer, you will receive a notification.

Hope that answers your questions. Have a great day!
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My question has nothing whatsoever to do with the green single & or double check marks, I'm fully aware of how to know if my message has been read.
My question pertains to sellers who advertise that they will consider counteroffers for multiple items then, when they've seen MULTIPLE messages from a potential buyer, refuse to reply to ANY of them!
Can you offer any input to that kind of problem? Because I am very interested in the items & would be delighted to consider a counteroffer from the seller (if she still walks this earth)!
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I can hear your frustration. Unfortunately, while OfferUp provides an opportunity for sellers and buyers to connect, it presents no obligation for a seller to make a sale. If the person you have contacted has no interest in replying, OfferUp won't force them to.
Your options are limited, but you can:
1) continue to send messages that may never be answered (which could negatively impact their response rate)
2) report them ("doesn't reply to messages" is listed as a reason)
3) suggest a solution to OfferUp that you would like to see implemented (if a seller gets reported x number of times in a month for not replying to messages, their account can be...) etc.

There may be additional things a Community Helper can suggest, so keep your eye out for additional information.
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I also tried blocking them but ever since the new update it wont let me. So many people now trying to scam others with this new accounts. I no longer sell to anyone with new account and my meetups are at the police station section for us
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Using this site has caused me to lose all faith in humanity.
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Oh no, @Mp7phx! Sorry to hear that! Was it mostly due to no-shows?

Yesss! That happens to me quite a bit! Example:”What size” (that’s usually how it’s written, not “What is the size?” So I double-check my photos/description of item thinking I left it out. I find the size of my item in both pics AND description and yet they still ask??!? What’s up with that? People please..