Stop wasting time on browsers and no shows!


@Sparky123 just archive them Smiley Happy

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Yes that have happen to me and people are not serious. I will take your advice though only ready to buy contact me thanks.
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Fabulous line. I’ll start using it myself. Thanks.
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Hi @BROWNYZE welcome to the OfferUp Community forum 😊
Sorry didn’t see your question till I went back to the post, if you need members to answer you put this in front of the members username like this, @Hotrod
On your question here’s some information on Badges and ranks,
As you may have noticed, you have already received a badge and rank by coming into the online community as a New Member Smiley Happy Moving forward, you will have many other chances to earn more badges and rank up as you go! There will be badges you can earn by:

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The ranks are a little more secretive Smiley Happy Let’s just say, the more active you are in the community, the more you will rank up! Be on the lookout as well, as we continue to grow this community, we are looking to giving incentives to those who have ranked higher than others.

We don’t mean for this to be a competition! But it’ll be fun and also help you get to know your fellow community members and hopefully who to go to if you need some help or advice. I also recommend checking out the new OfferUp tools to help you decide if people are reliable also their is more information. You can find it on the get started page. Hope this helps you. 😊
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Amen! I had person ask me to lower my price then when I asked him what does he offering? Then he comes back and tell me he's not interested! Why are you wasting our time like that?! Some people are not selling just for the fun of it! I just got mad and blocked him! Maybe I shouldn't have but don't respond unless you are a potential buyer!
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If this doesn’t describe my life I don’t know what does
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The only thing you cam do it be man but then again who wouldn't be
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So courier
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Why not waits their tmes
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Thank you for this post. Was not sure how to handle this situation which does happen often. Now i feel like i can respond without feeling like I've insulted someone or that I am being played. Keep up the good advise.