Stop wasting time on browsers and no shows!

Really good advice for a newbie like me. My mistake is thinking every one is like me....on the up & up; not out to waste peoples time or try to rip them off.
Thanks for the advice!
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@Robynbyrd So glad you have found this advice helpful! Smiley Happy

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Im glad i found the forum. Thete is so much information here that sheds so much light on the many questions ive had about this site. This forum is a treasure chest for anyone truely interested in selling on here.
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@Robynbyrd I love hearing that Smiley Happy

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I always ask" are you just window shopping ?"
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Another way to avoid it all together is to make sure you put all information on item. Measurements, nice pictures that fill every spot offer up provides. Then there will not likely be inquiries about your items unless they are serious.
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I am new here but if this is anything like CL I might be one up.
I don't haggle price, ALL information and pics are listed. If they start to ask questions that are in the listing I tell them I'm not interested.
I also meet at the local police dept and make sure they know there are cameras .
Thanks I can tell I have a lot to learn about selling my stuff.
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I strongly do not give out my address reason being is because if they see something they like in your house and come back later and try to steal it from you never give out your address never meet him at a public place where there's lots of people Walmart a gas station CVS but never give out your address you never know they might be waiting for you when you go home or in a few days they might be waiting for you outside your house it's just a bad idea giving out your address very bad for your safety and the safety of your family do not give out your address unless you're selling a car or something like that where they have to have identification but then you have his two or thairs that's just my opinion think of it as a safety mode there's no reason why anyone that buy something from you should have your address screw them
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@Allikenusa Haha, I like that. What do they generally say back?