Stop wasting time on browsers and no shows!

Really good idea totally going to start using that
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right...... How are you going to be interested in my item and make an offer once the offer is excepted you don’t reply back!!! I’m blocking everyone that’s wasting my time.
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Good advice. I have a problem with no shows I just block them
OfferUp employee

@Krisblaison Hey! So glad you're back! If you ever need help or tips, please don't hesitate to let us know and your fellow community members know Smiley Happy You should definitely read through the Tips blog too, as many members seem to really like those articles and find them incredibly helpful. You can find that here.


As for getting your item back to the top of the feed, that's what Bump is for! More on Bump here too. I hope this helps some!

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I barely ever get any Lookers or buyers. So, I pretty much get thrilled when someone says that they are interested.
Nice work
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@ienzo628 What are you selling on OfferUp? Are you posting clear photos at different angles to show the items in the best way you can, and are you adding detailed descriptions? Lots of tips here that could help you out! 

Great response & straight to the point 👍🏼
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Good advice. I'm 0-for on every offer and MeetUps this week. Pretty pointless.
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I'm tired of people saying they will offer me x$, and I say I accept- they never return my message. Why do they bother?