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- There are only 3 reasons water grows algea.
The same 3 categories are what create a swimming pool.

1: Filtration. 2: Circulation. 3: Chemistry.
Common diagnostics per category...

Filtration- Is the process of removing debris from water using skimmer baskets. Floor cleaners, inline nets, pump baskets and ultimately a filter system which thers are only 3 types... Sand, DE, or Cartridge. If any of the above are clogged this will cause restriction in
Circulation- which is the process of moving the water through the circulation system regularly. Moving water is clean water. Public or commercial pools require water circulation 24/7. 365
Chemistry is the process of reading, logging and adjusting chemical compounds for safe use. Common problems in balanced chemistry -TDS ( Total Dissolved Solids ) every leaf or body that enters the water leaves some molecular deposit behind that can only be removed in 2 ways.... Draining the water completely, leaving any of the old water will act as a pollutant and contaminate the new water.. Option 2: reverse osmosis, which returns the water content to strait H2o.
Also common to water that promotes algea is a high phosphate reading. Algea feeds on phosphate so with high levels in phosphate algea will grow even with chlorine or oxidation readings. Simply add phosfree according to ppm [ parts per million ] readings.

water demands a certain amount of calcium and unfortunately here in the AZ desert our hard water is naturally hard meaning it gets its calcium. By adding soft water your pool will extract calcium from the walls, deck and tile literally eating your pool apart.

- ph = Percent Hydrogen
- Stabilizer aka conditioner, is cyneric acid.
The cyneric molecule guides the chlorine molecule creating oxidation for clear water. The chlorine molecule bounces between cyneric molecules. In the travel creates oxidation. Carefull though too much cyneric causes a clogged roadway so to speak and doesnt give enogh travel room for creating oxidation. Too little cyneric and the usage of clorine tabs may be high... Only add 1lb of cyneric at a time to new water until readings are about 60-80 ppm.
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