TIPS !!! Buyers Don’t Reply, Buyers Don’t Show Up & Low Ball Offers /Problem Solved!

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Here are some things that worked for me


You might find to get a fair offer you have to mark items up 30-50%, to deal with lowballers and resale hustlers.


When buyers message me with an offer, I ask them one simple question! (What time can you pick it up?) If they don’t reply who cares, next buyer please.


If they do reply at 10 in the morning and say please let me come at 7 at night, I reply with a very simple message (Message me back at 7 pm and if I haven’t sold it by then you can come get!)This removes the buyer’s control of wasting my time. Now I can focus on selling to a real buyer. My items are reserved for buyers who are ready to buy now.


So there coming to get the item! I will send another simple message (Message me when you’re out front) I only do pick up at my house, and I will meet them at the edge of the driveway. Why do I DO THIS? Well frankly I’m doing other things in my home and living my life, it doesn’t madder if you show up because someone else will.


Having someone come to your home is your choice, but it proves you’re the real deal even when they are not! I’ve never been robbed at my own garage sale and when I do have a garage sale, I don’t load it all up to sell at a McDonalds or Walgreens parking, l’m sure you get my point.


Final tips!


Always follow the rules by OfferUp, and what works for me may not work for you, so keep safe.


Always undo the cash and make sure each bill is real, don’t just stick it in your pocket while they drive off into the wind.


Watch out! some buyers use up to 3 accounts. They first contact you to find out, how low you will go, then they use another account to low ball that offer, and once they know you’re easy, they will use their final account to get your item for pennies on the dollar. Don’t say I didn’t warn you, but what’s the odds of all the buyers in the few hours just happen to live same tiny place on the map! If you click on their profile ----wow everyone lives on the same block. Please…….


Be clear about your price. You will get buyers that will agree to one price then show up with far less cash. When they show up trying to negotiate for less money and think there running the show, I tell them I'm so sorry you waisted your gas, there’s an atm around the corner, message me when your back. Now who's running the Show? It’s their gas and time they just waisted. I suffered no loss dealing with that clown move.


If I didn’t do what I spoke about, I would need to take a second mortgage for the gas burned, spend my life creeping around parking lots with foggy windows while I wait for the no show. I would also have to open a (layaway Plan) just like Kmart to keep window shoppers happy all week, so they can cancel at the last minute.


This information is only scratching the surface on what I know about buying and selling on Offerup.I’ve made some eye opening videos on YouTube covering much more advanced tips and tricks , just search for (Cyber Mixologist ) and you will see my videos.


Thanks for visiting


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@MrJayR Thanks for sharing your tips. Not everything will work for everyone but the more we know the more we grow. Happy selling!

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@MrJayR Thanks for sharing your tips. Not everything will work for everyone but the more we know the more we grow. Happy selling!

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Very true .Thanks

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Wow thanks for the insight on the multiple accounts. I already knew something was up. I just couldn't tell what they were trying to do. I just notice a bunch of newly made accounts all messaging me within the hour.
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I am so mad right now I don’t know where to post my story so hope whoever reads this can bare with me . I am 38 weeks pregnant going to have my baby in literally days . I have spent the last month shopping on offerup, “met” lot of moms (I mainly buy through shipping) and one dad (he sold me some diaper). I got enough great clothes shoes bibs and those stuff for two years so we don’t ever have to have our mom who will take care the baby to shop anymore while we go out working. Somehow I have bad luck buying discount pampers. One lady we spoke to who can sell me 20 boxes never showed up,twice!! First time she said she was stuck at doctors office which we feel the sympathy. Second time she never even reply to our text or call when it is close to the time to meet. Both time we waited half hour . That was on app letgo.

Then tonight saw another dad had a good price even require me drive half hour to meet him , but he claim he has many of them . I said I can take all your 6 boxes of size 3 and 4 boxes of size 4. Only $20 per box with 140 diaper . Why not !? And then he ask me how old I am. I said 38,why ? No one has ever ask me about age on this app. He claims young people don’t stock up and waste his time. I said I feel you. I had no show before as well. Not only I am all 5stars rating truyou member verified and he is not. I didn’t ask him to come to me , no one is asking him to meet me even half way. I am going to drive to him with cash to buy his 10 boxes diapers. He finally texted me said: ya know what I am gonna sleep on it. Something tells not to take this one. I said no problem. Thank you for your time and good night to him.I am so mad and insulted !!!!! Why is it so hard to buy some **bleep** diapers?!? I have no problem buying those hundreds of clothes ?!?! Ughhh!!! No more . Walmart and target here I come. Sorry for the long boring not related story. Hope everyone has a nice weekend.
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Thanks so much for sharing this info. Great to know what’s going on. It’s such a learning curve to newbies and I’m sure the more we all know the better our experience will be ! Thanks again!
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What the ---- that is extremely insulting. Report this seller.
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@Lankun--Hello & welcome to the OfferUp Community Forums!! That's unfortunate that you're having a hard time making purchases. It's easier said then done, but even if you're committed to the buying process not everyone is.

My best advice to you is trust your gut, if something for you doesn't feel right, follow your instincts. Why someone would have diapers for sale, but question your age & your level of commitment is beyond me. I'm very sorry for your experiences, & I hope things get better especially with your new arrival coming!! 😇😇

Thanks so much for your time and sharing your story. I really appreciate it!!
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Greetings!! My husband and I were talking about this whole night and laughing at the same time about my “diaper luck “. When I say not related story is usually people are fed up with buyer no show. I, somehow the opposite, buyer no show. I wonder is it because I want to buy too many? They regret the price? For the First Lady who stood me up twice while the second time waiting for her,I even texted her it’s ok if you change your mind. Never even replied. The guy from last night is even more outrageous. He made me sound like I was gonna rob all his diapers!! I am at least glad I didn’t drive half hour and back and have him change his mind to insult when I arrive the area. But besides that, I have seriously met in person and mostly on app some really nice people , parents , sharing their well kept baby items saved me so much in the long run. So I will be hanging out here. Thank you for the blessing. After walking like a whale for couple months I can’t wait to unload. Cheers 🥂
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There's no way to know, but I'm wondering if he was looking to meet a young woman.