TIPS !!! Buyers Don’t Reply, Buyers Don’t Show Up & Low Ball Offers /Problem Solved!

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I agree
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You could flag them and report them to offer up you could block the person if you want to.
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This guy was persistent and telling me he was on his way every 10 minutes he finally came. I said I’ll be there in couple minutes. I showed him what he asked for. He saw what he asked for and said I never asked for it. He said he never asked for sunglasses. I showed him his text and the picture that he specifically asked for.He tried to get it from me for free. It didn’t happen. He went home empty handed. What should I do? He said I brought him the wrong stuff. Which I never did.
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My personal opinion don't bother with people how are confused flag him and black this guy, You will get someone else, we are getting more and more people like him on offer up.

I had looking for cricut maker and sent many message to different sellers as unbelievable with no response from one of them. OfferUp should improve something when being unanswered. I still keep trying until luck to catch unused one for under 200.00.

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This sellers actually have the machine you looking for I don't know how much is it going new Michaels and Joann Fabrics Salem .If this sellers don't reply just flag the seller why why chase after somebody if they don't want to make a sale I do hope you Wil find some one I know it's not cheap new is good for cut paper materials leather.
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Wow-I just posted about duplicate profiles bombarding me from a different site when selling old car. I knew it was some kind of bogus but organized scam deal. Low balling me big time. Fortunately for me I held off and got what I originally asked for. Important info. to be found by reading here in forums. Thanks!@L11