TIPS !!! Buyers Don’t Reply, Buyers Don’t Show Up & Low Ball Offers /Problem Solved!

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Typical deal on Offerup

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Great new name for Offerup (Troll Deals) lol

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High dallor garbage is the name of the game .Trolls gone wild is the name of the movie ! lol

I have no problems with no shows and non responsive sellers, but the trolls are great. Hey, you know what they say, Trolls, coming from a basement near you. 🤪
I here exactly what your saying about the TROLLS ON HERE TROLL ALLERT LMAO!@@@
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This was PERFECTLY written indeed. I appreciate your detailed advice that just backs up what I’ve been doing all along. Thanks again!
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@Jojosbest--Hello & welcome to the forums!! I hope you have an awesome, fun experience interacting with others & sharing such positive words of encouragement!! Thank you!! 😊
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Great information! Thanks for sharing.