TIPS !!! Buyers Don’t Reply, Buyers Don’t Show Up & Low Ball Offers /Problem Solved!

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Unfortunately we have more and more people on OfferUp like that really irresponsible
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@Brainfire thats what it sounds like to me, OMG I just sold something and this guy text me and asked me if I was single?WTH!! he got 🚫 but what are they thinking.
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That's really disrespectful I want to say I can't believe it but I do most people today don't have self respect how they going to respect somebody else.
Thank you so much. This answered a serious dilemma I am in right now, have posted about, asked for help about, requested OU rep or admin help for, called it a safety situation which it is, not OU's failt, my own, & not remembering issues from past. Anyway, your answer: big help. I can't go back & get safe again. But I can go fwd & be safe. From now on, absolutely to protect myself. If it comes off abrupt, buyers will have to deal. TY again.
- EllerBee
Why do people say they want to buy your item and then you never hear from them again? Also is there a way to block users?
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I have a same problem with the buyer today, yesterday we agreed when we going to meet I waited over one hour he never text me today.I got really angry 😠 I text him if you change your mind about the item or have a emergency you should have some human decency to contact me , it's very important to communicate with each other, but I see this was a joke to you.People like you should be band from offer up.So I know how frustrating is to deal with goofy buyer's.I wish I have a solution for you, just band trolls that is my on opinion.