Talking on the phone with someone before purchasing an item...

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So anyone on here can post pictures of an item and put it up for sale right? But you never know who's behind that screen and who you will really be meeting up with... I know a lot of people are sketchy about giving their personal phone number out but wouldn't you prefer to talk to them over the phone before meeting up with them? And if they have an excuse for why they can't speak with you over the phone would you still meet up with them to purchase the item? Myself personally, no. Especially being a younger single woman there is no way! Stay safe! Thanks OfferUp Smiley Happy
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@TheJac1 Thanks for sharing! While we don't support sharing any personal information I can see why some may feel better talking with a potential buyer or seller over the phone. To feel more secure, you can always check out their OfferUp profile to make sure they have good ratings from other members, have a TruYou badge, and offer to meet in a safe location you both agree on, or a Community Meetup Spot

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Hi @TheJac1
I see your what your saying, but as of for me, I never give out my phone or email address, it goes both ways scammers, are all ways trying to get people information, to scam people so as I see you side I’ve been selling and buying for over 4 years on OfferUp with a five star rating, you always want friends with you and all ways meet in safe places in public like a coffee shop, or the safe zone in the lobby of a police station. Hopefully this will change your mind on why people won’t give out their phone numbers. 😊
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Giving out your phone number isn’t that big of a deal, I rather get a better understanding of who I’m meeting up with prior to the exchange.