Tidying Up - The KonMari Method and OfferUp

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Hello OfferUp Community!


Ever since Tidying Up came out on Netflix, I've been so inspired to, well, tidy up! I actually binged the entire season over the weekend Smiley Happy


Marie Kondo teaches us the KonMari Method which is to "keep only those things that speak to the heart, and discard items that no longer spark joy." Following this simple method will help you confirm how you feel about each and every item that you possess.


Do you have an item that no longer brings you joy? That's where OfferUp can help! Reselling those items can bring joy to someone else! You can keep spreading the joy while using both the KonMari Method and OfferUp to help you attain all your tidy dreams.


Have you been inspired to sell more on OfferUp after watching this? Have you watched it yet?! Let me know and let's chat!

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I just went through my closet. I did before watching Tidying Up lol. I found several clothes that didnt resonate with me or spark joy. So I threw them on Offerup in a hope to get some back from them.
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You know what will really spark joy, @aidenholley? When you hear that CHA-CHINGGGG!! Smiley LOL

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That's what I keep hoping for @Mj_206. I even put up several bundles to try and move stuff out of my house.
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I am definitely posting more after watching Tidying Up. I read the book and was still lack luster but watching the show put a different perspective.
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@aidenholly, @Mj_206
I love this tidying up method. Like @aidenholly I've begun to learn the value of bundling and am currently working on doing this more. Sold a bundle of Audio Equipment while at the hospital with my recently deceased ex-spouse/roommate. 😵
Poor guy...teardrops here...
Anyway the night I took him to Emergency Room, I took audio stuff with me I'd already posted before I knew that's where I was going. That night a man met me in E.R. drive area & bought the bundle. Good deal for both of us.
I am selling everything I can and this method works well. So much brings me joy but so much is over running my home.
I look at this method more like (what will anyone else give a darn about when I'm gone?) What means so much to me that I'll put a sticky note on it to leave behind to someone so there will be no fighting over stuff.
Then I look at what can I JUST NOT GET RID OF because it's very special joy that needs to be passed down...
I got too much stuff that's for sure! Appreciate this post and will continue onward with my tidying up via the KonMari Method and O.U.
Made a sale today!!!! @L11