Tip for buyers

Level 7
As a seller of 4 months and about 200 items sold here I have a pretty good idea of what to expect as a seller. I never meet people for a number of reasons. Mostly because I know buyers habitually are no shows or hours late, but since I have so much to sell, I would rather have rhem come over and see if they might want to buy other items. This has made for much of my larger $ sales, plus many of my items need to be tested right in front of the buyers to make sure that there are no problems.

There are other reasons I don't meet, I always have someone who is on their way to buy so I can't just go when I have a buyer that "might" be on their way, many times there are several buyers who are scheduled to buy and I'm trapped at home waiting. I have done a delivery for a fee, at the time I thought that $15 was worth it to make the sale, buy I started to realize that this buyer might not buy it or try to lowball me now that I have delivered it and saying no to any offers would mean I wasted time and gas. Luckily the buyer bought without any problems but to test the item turned into quite a task. Taking way too long to do with less than ideal conditions since we are now working off a front porch and extention cords etc.. time spent turned into hours for me and $15 wasn't nearly worth the time and gas. Plus the buyer didn't really believe the item was working properly since we never were able to set it up completely.

So now i decided to buy some stuff to test this entire process out from the other side of the coin, first thing I noticed was how insanely difficult it was just to get a seller to reply back to me ever! Contacted no less than 10 sellers with no reply after a week and 3 messages to each one. Then 10 more with confused sellers not willing to answer my questions at all. 10 more and I finally had a date set to go buy from their home, good sale nice guy went very easy.

Then sales 2 and 3 took more of the same no replies until I had to meet at location's other than their homes, both sales had problems I generally was burned, one intentionally the other unknowingly.

So I'd the seller isn't willing to t let you come to their home their probably is a reason for that, they don't want you to know so they can burn you without fear of retaliation. Don't trust anyone who won't sell from their home.

My sales are simple everything is tested before they buy, now i see how much easier my sales are for buyers I think I should be getting a fair sales price for everything since I know the chances of finding it elsewhere are next to none using these aps.