Tips to give your items the best detailed desceiption

What are you selling? (If you're selling multiples or sets, provide a list of what is included for the price.)What condition is this item in? (New, used, lightly-worn, like-new, open-box, etc.)How old is this item? (Let your buyers know how long this product has been used.)Are there any specific dimensions or size of your product? (Size: S/M/L/XL, L x W x H, etc.) What color is your product? (Color, shade, variation, pattern, etc. This is nice if it's hard to see a pattern in the picture.What's your experience with the product? (If you've previously used this item or others have used this item, let your buyers know your experience so they know how great or useful it may be for them.)

These are just a few ideas of things to include in your product description.

Just remember, K.I.S.S. - keep it short and simple.

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I used to include most of the info that you have mentioned in my posts - unfortunately most buyers dont read full ad, they will still ask questions that are clearly answered in the ad.
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@ZacharyAlexande True! I come from a customer relations background. So always give more information than needed to minimize the back and forth emails.

One important thing I would like to add. If you are wanting people to pick up from your location/ house only PLEASE LIST IT in your description! Such as PICK UP ONLY.

That way a buyer is not wasting their time picking a meet up spot through the app.

I was very annoyed yesterday as this happened to me. This was a complete waste of my time. Due to Hubbie's evening work schedule I was unable to meet this buyer after work at their place. If this would have been stated in the description I would not reached out to the seller at that point in time.
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Hello  @ZacharyAlexande,

Excellent advice with lots of details! K.I.S.S. - keep it short and simple.

I see that you are a new member and I can't remember if I gave you my welcome speech. So, here goes just in case I  missed you. Smiley Happy

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@Shupat @ZacharyAlexande "K.I.S.S. - keep it short and simple." - I love that!

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@ZacharyAlexande Thank you so much for your tips Zachary!