Username Max B. Wont pay me back!

Hey guys. Not sure if I'm posting this in the right spot but I bought a 20 dollar comic from username Max B. At first she was late on the shipping but she said she still shipped it. Recieved it in the mail only to see that she sent me the wrong comic. I sent it back to her and paid out of pocket for the shipping. She said she would pay me back paypal because she accidentally got the comics mixed up and sent mine to someone else. Now she wont open my messages and is ignoring me. I just want my money back. I tried emailing offerup and they never get back to me. Any suggestions?


You do realize that you went outside of the app? OfferUp has it's own shipping/payment system, and if users decide to use another method, there is nothing that OfferUp can do for you.


You can try to file a claim with Paypal.