Web Interface for Posting items for Sale

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I searched the community, I didn't see this question.


Other apps and websites have easy to use web interfaces for posting items, OfferUp just points me to the app on the phone.

Now if you are listing One or TWO items (light user), then I get it.


I am working on posting 20 or 30 a weekend.  The Phone App is too slow for that.


Is OfferUp going to offer a web interface for this? I would even pay a fee per item, 25 cents or so, to use it.


Until I can post as fast or faster than LetGo or others, I can't "really" use OfferUp.




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OfferUp employee

@gehaney Thank you for your feedback! From a desktop, you will be able to browse OfferUp to view posted items and make offers on items that interest you, however as of now, you will not be able to post an item. You will also be able to access your messages and make changes to your items such as choosing the option to archive an active item. If you’ve completed a sale, you’ll have the ability to mark your item as sold.


We're an app focused on the mobile buying and selling experience, but we're keeping an eye on the desktop market and will update all of you on any upcoming features!

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Has this feature been updated yet?  I would love to be able to post from my laptop, my phone is very archaic and does not play well with others.

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@LJW No, it's still something we are looking into and gathering feedback for, so I appreciate you letting me know that it's something you would like to see in the future so I can make note for the team. Smiley Happy


I would like to post from a computer as well. 


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I love the ease of this website but there are posts I need to list from my desktop since my pics are all on it & would be very inconvenient for me to transfer to my new fon.


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At least add the ability to edit an item....posting is good but would be nice to understand why this feature was never offered from the begining....