What are your biggest selling items and views?

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Hi I'm wondering about a little marketplace research to help make business more efficient through knowing what audiences through offerup are after and the of items the communities gravitate to.

Besides good pics and descriptions,

What type of items have you noticed get a lot of attention?

we see lists and posts for places like etsy titled "big sellers for 2017". Maybe we could make something like that for offerup to help us all out. Does offerup keep/share trend data like that? or does anyone notice anypatterns? Or did I miss a blog post that already covered this?


From what I've seen, some items that always seem to go quickly would be cars, games, electronics and music equiptment. So people want a good deal on a high end item (even if its a bit outdated) they would easier pay double for new. Like a second hand for higherend items. Also, these items are probably desirable because many people ultimtely need to test these types of tools out to see if they vibe well, and don't want to pay full price for something they want but are unfamiliar with. 


What's your hot selling items?

Notice any trends?

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Now is a good time to sell items like, snowmobiles, ski’s, winter clothes, etc... and also a good time to look for deals on summer items people are giving deals onSmiley Wink
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It varies with the area, but generally it has been my experience that whatever the category item you have if it is a well known brad you will get a lot of offers, lots of lowballers, but with patience you’ll get a decent offer. If it’s more generic people tend to offer super low price and won’t even negotiate. As for my area cars, tools, small kitchen appliances tends to sell more if it’s priced right. Check the profiles of people who makes lots of sale and see their listing, look what they have marked sold that’ll give you some idea. Also if something is not selling try listing it one zip code away, people taste can vary a lot by city.
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Well @LaLuna it’s that time of year, after fixing use bikes and selling them on OfferUp, now it’s time to take the money made from the profits, and buy new bikes 🚲 for the Christmas angels Kids
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For me it's been bird baths ! I've was gifted three smaller cement bird baths with a copper post to sit on and right away offers came in. And whom ever got them offered double to hold them. Usually even when over bids come in i dont hold , ever and just go with first come first serve. Then I thought I need to find another one cheap to turn a quick profit and the same demand was there. I listed it for more than i usually would and got that fairly quick. Then on the property of one if the clients I work with had a nice 3 piece bird bath with fountains the lighting and that one was well saught after and got really good money for it. I'm so convinced that these are am hot item in learning how to make them and plan on doing custom designs to compliment the season or what my clients desire. I now look to pick worn and weathered, algae filled bird baths to flip. Those and a little functioning sowing machine were very popular.
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What a fun thread! Thanks for starting it @LaLuna Smiley Happy

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How cool! I never would have guessed bird baths to sell well. I have one of my own sitting around, maybe I'll put that up and see how it goes.

That is really cool you're turning that demand into a business. I'm a crafter myself and have had success with selling my handmade jewelry.

I would love to see some seasonal home made bird baths. I know the folks in my area are big gardeners, so items like that might be a hit here too.

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You can do a little local market research of your own, yea post your bird bath, post anything and everything you may want to sell. Give it two weeks and check the views on each and you'll start to see what catches people’s eyes, then it’s just a matter of price.

I like browsing through unique items, even though now every categories are filled with cars and plumbing services or a bunch of people buying iPhones, but that’s what it has come to now sadly. One way you can boost your views is to list something like a watch or a name brand bracelet, find something that will get people to your page and your get more views on your handicraft items.
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I've had surprisingly great success with sneakers and shoes. Both limited release ones (Retro Jordans) and standard pairs i decided to sell.

For me they've sold extremely quickly and buyers often paid asking price for them!

Those are my most successful.
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@ZygyKoz Oh that's awesome!