What are your biggest selling items and views?

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For me even up to Nov, really hot items I sale almost the same day as I post them. Are outdoor items, coolers, tents, lights, as well as snowboards. During the summer i sold a lot of air conditioning units portable ones, Fans. My big views would be my tables I have sold and still posted. Hope this helps you. I've sold 7 tents in 2 days
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Alot of streetwear / hypebeast stuff tend to move better for me.

Also beanies / hats / accessories / electronics.
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Mine is lawn mowers and tractors ive gotten huge on Facebook from them now i also do repairs on them as well as selling them
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Hi @Chevy1982 welcome to the forum 😊
Yes there is bulk pickup in my neighborhood and I see lawn mowers all the time out in the sidewalk ready to go to the dump. Really nice ones from riding and pushing mowers. I asked my neighbor why he was throwing his out he said it’s two years old and he wanted a new one lol. So I grabbed it clean it up and sold it on OfferUp.
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We need that around here, I could go garage saling for free! @Hotrod
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Yep @Chris555 you could lol I just looked down my street you would not believe what people throw away. 😂 any from almost new mountain bikes - kids toys like new stuff? I got a brand new air compressor last month works great 👍
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Crazy! Arizona, here I come😜

Furniture, Shabby, Victorian, Man Cave Stuff, Antiques. I get TONS of views, very few offers. (I look at it as browsers-like in my  brick and mortar. AND I sell on all sorts of ecommerce/social media sites. Sold my SECOND item today through OfferUp. Met a new customer (anything that gets a new body IN my store) a very nice guy and he'll be back! LOL I have fingers in MANY pies!

LOL @Hotrod I have been known to dive in a dumpster or two as well! Am ALWAYS snatching up curb finds Smiley Very Happy

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Tools, tools, & more tools.....there is a skilled handed individual in every home & also that’s what was, is and always will be required to build our homes, schools and the rest of our communities! Tools are a must have and if there is anyone that has made lots of cash in selling product, they will tell u the same!!! TOOLS IS WHERE ITS AT....nonstop. “Oh and iPhones of course”!!! LOL