What are your biggest selling items and views?

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I've noticed in my short time as a member that cell phones, appliances and women's clothing. Just my opinion.

I carry such a big variety it's really hard to tell. Furniture and home decor seem to get the most attention (views) I have only sold two items through OfferUp and it was furniture. 

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@Decades_Antqs I definitely know furniture seems to do well. Smiley Happy Also lots of homemade items and stuff. DIY things. 

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I have sold Soo many electronics for instance, I had a 5 speaker Klipsch surround System and a much bigger 9 speaker Klipsch reference series home theater system, each was sold piece by piece and a couple people came back for another speaker, besides being top end audio , I could describe everything each speakers capabilities were , I design home theater systems though.. 2 I always always.. keep the boxes and packaging of anything I may eventually sell or trade, that shows the seller has most likely taken great care of the actual item also, along with cleaning what's posted , I prefer not to spend 2 hours cleaning an audio visual purchase especially when it's sticky with who knows what lol..
Anyways, I think audio visual and other electronics will always be able to sell , if.... It's clean lol.. and a nice price, or trade offer.
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I do buy household bundles a lot!
I sell bundles of anything quickly and many children items sell quickly.
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@amy2017 @MrAustin Awesome. Smiley Happy

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I think this is a really good question. I’ve been selling iPads and iMacs really well. I’d love to see analytics on all items sold on offerup
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Hello, trends we all know come & go. I have a online boutique I’ve noticed the trends That you do very well. Some bomb!
Here are a few, I’ve experienced great outcomes.
• faux fur cuffs
• body-con midi dresses
• boho anything
• mood rings
• designer denim
• adidas
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Tools, if you can keep them in stock and acquire them for prices thst allow you to net, tools is the way to go. Often you will have repeat customers. It's not terribly difficult to acquire them with coupons circulating and sales. In fact, even reselling lightly used items, which can be found for very cheap, can generate a decent net profit, particularly when it is an item which typically retails (new) for a decent amount. People don't care about cosmetic wear, as long as the chainsaw functions you'll profit.
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Definitely electronics. Every electronic item I've listed has sold. People go nuts for Apple Products. I listed two old iPhones recently and they sold within an hour. TVs will sell quick if you include a screenshot of the original price at a retailer. Men's athletic shoes can be a quick sell, especially with the original box. I do not know if it technically helps, but I put emojis in listings to attract the young ppl lol