What are your biggest selling items and views?

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Wow! My biggest selling item is jewelry! Probably because that's my specialty. I hand design and sell pieces already designed! I also design gift baskets and gift sets. A lot of my sells happen around holidays or special occasions. Christmas WAS HUGE FOR US! Looking forward to Valentine's Day & Easter!

I noticed that cell phones, gadgets, and electronics have been the best selling for me. But I've also sold cars within an hour of posting too.
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@SimplyDope916 Within an hour?! That's so awesome Smiley Happy

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@Hotrod brilliant! Ingenuity at its finest....😉
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I do but try @sl27 thanks. 😊
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What I am seeing is Name Brand Womens Purses
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Video game consoles with extra entertainment for both.
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@Got2sell There are a lot of those too!

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@Jayscreative,  you made it through Valentine's Day. How did your jewelry do?

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Ohhhh thanks for bringing this up @Shupat@Jayscreative I'd also love to know how you did for Valentine's Day Smiley Very Happy