What are your biggest selling items and views?

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In my experience it depends on where you're selling items at but here in San Bernardino it's nice to get things for a low price he will often like things like big dressers baby clothes in bulk and we all know people like good deals the couch got a lot of post on that I sold it for really cheaper than when I got it and it was brand new but I gave somebody a good deal and I didn't need it anymore so make me happy I sold the baby crib for really cheap a lot cheaper than it would be brand new and I'm helping someone out so it makes me feel good and I'm making money off of something that I didn't use any more
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Thanks for sharing and caring.

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@Katrina909   To quote my 12 year old:  "Sharing is caring Mom."  Good for YOU! Smiley Happy

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Hi my name is Lee and I was wondering when you say household cleaning supplies and personal care items can you specifically tell me what people would like? Because I have many wonderful items that we could start a home, clean home and many things I have are brand new and l am not planning to sell things at very high at all..ty
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Hello @Lee844

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Good Luck with your clean home business!

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@sl27 That's adorable. Your twelve-year-old is very wise. 

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@Elin  He has a pretty good head on his shoulders.   He's my baby, and I adore him.  He makes a cute valentine.....HeartHeartHeart


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@sl27 out of the month of kids so true!
Your 12 year old sounds like a really great boy! Great job sl27 👍