What are your biggest selling items and views?

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@Hotrod  Lol....yeah, I kind of think I will keep him around for now.   Like any typical pre-teen he can be a pain in the bum as well at times.  Smiley Tongue

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Wedding decor. I have had so many messages back to back about buying my wedding decor it was overwhelming. People will pay what you are asking. I found that if you have bulk of something, like vases, centerpieces or table runners people want to get on that fast. Wedding stuff can be so expensive, so they like offer up deals.
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Nice, I did not think of that. My area of special is attire. A variation of new shoes, bag, and other accessories. Once the price is right. 😃

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Good Luck with your attire.  Smiley Happy

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I agree i would like to know what items are selling quicker my self
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What I see a lot of people get is tools. Or clothing as in shoes Nikes - Jordans.
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I agree..
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That is awesome I haven't had success in selling clothing
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Thank you I'll ho check it out.