What are your biggest selling items and views?

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I noticed a lot of coupon items being sold like to let tissue laundry detergent and etc.
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In my experience it seems to be that’s video games,Blu-ray DVD’s,Car audio,Computers/equipment,outdoor
equipment get the most views and sell pretty quick. As long as electronics can be tested by buyer to ensure it works properly they sell pretty well. But nothing beats video games
I sell barbies house barbies toys clothes shoes purses kids related stuff mamas like all the Disney stuff for cheaper
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I’m selling a lot of stuff because I’m moving, and the items that got the most interest were an artist’s easel, a swamp cooler, and a sewing machine. It kind of surprised me that these were the popular items. I guess because they are useful things. Decorative items did not sell as well.
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I posted something for FREE and got more messages and views than I could handle lol
I actually had to delete it after people didn't show up for something that was free. I gave it to a lady that bought a dining set from me the next day. I don't recommend it. 😂
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I sale everything 😀 but yes electronic items and household good do tend to go fast , But the key to success for me is being consistent and re-posting in the morning and in the evenings and follow up with my customers and of course human kindness.
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---Recently have been noticing quite a few actual "Street Signs" being posted/SOLD--- 😕
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@Kosmogirl1 wrote:
and of course human kindness.