What are your top 3 tips when selling items?

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We have seen a lot of wonderful tips being shared throughout the community, so I wanted to create a topic where I want everyone to share their top THREE tips they have when selling items.


Maybe it's a tip about photos, specific tips about what to put in descriptions, or maybe a tip on what to look for in a buyer.


Share your top 3 tips for selling below, and remember, only three!

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I've found these three tips to be basic, yet effective:

1. Clear and appealing photos.
2. Clean whatever it is you're selling (be as thorough as possible)
3. Reasonable pricing (look to see what your item goes for on eBay and similar sites.



and TEST your items if electrical

I always cut the cord off vintage items that are "iffy" and tell the buyer it needs to be rewired. I do not want to be responsible for fires or electrocutions! This is a practice I have long practiced while selling on Ebay/Etsy.


REVEAL KNOWN ISSUES! Scratches, dings, damage, odor*, stains*

*(furniture-I hope you are not selling stained/smelly clothing!)

It is still so sad to see some of the poorly taken/ poorly staged photos. If you display it like a swap meet/garage sale/thrift store those are the prices you can expect as well as low offers. And if you only post ONE photo, with little to none description, expect a million questions.

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1. Has to be make sure your pic or pics will grab the attention of the buyer (appealing to the eye). #2. Be honest #3.Make sure the words you use to describe your property compliment your already awesome pic the right picture with the right words pr description could honestly put you head and shoulders above your competition
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I couldn't agree more! Maybe there should be a "pet peeve" column where everyone could just add to a numbered list. Of course duplicates would have to be controlled in some way,lol It's so frustrating when you find something you like, click on it and find absolutely no info. There is just a price and a one photo. People that do this, either just don't care if they receive numerous
messages that ask the same thing, they just don't understand the process, and actually think that their listing is just fine the way it is. I can only assume that they have only sold or tried to sell on "OfferUp" and haven't experienced the frustration it creates for buyers. Because if they did, I'm sure they would spend more time creating a better listing. I don't expect every listing to be perfect, but common courtesy would be niceSmiley Happy
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When you're creating your listing, you see pricing recommendations based on similar items that are currently active or have sold on eBay. This information gives you insight into how to price your item.
For your active listings that haven't sold in a few weeks, provide a price reduction as well, to help improve your chances of selling your item.
The title is one of the most important aspects of your listing. Our title recommendations help you identify important words such as brand name, size, or other descriptive information that a buyer might use in their search.
The way you word the title affects whether your listing appears in buyer search results.
Learn more about writing a good title and description.
Item specifics
Entering item specifics ensures that buyers find your listing when they use this information in their searches.
High-quality photos can help you increase sales, give your buyers a more accurate idea of what to expect, and distinguish your listing from others.
Learn more about taking great photos. Details, backgrounds clean area maybe a theme that what your selling.
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1. Good and clear pictures. If you have hazy or unclear pictures, it looks like your trying to hide the conditon.
2. Description that is to the point and has enough, but not long and drawn out.
3. Be flexible for selling locations. If you are not willing to meet in the middle, you're most likely not going go make the sale.
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Love all of these tips @KingKrawczyk @Youinvme @B4 @Mikewidener @Decades_Antqs!

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