What category for Halloween costumes?

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I’m selling a bunch of Halloween costumes for men, women and kids. What category should I put them in to insure they are seen by people browsing costumes
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@star1214 I just posted this in Mj_206 thread topic; Halloween,

I definitely think members could use a seasonal category starting with this Halloween. So members can buy and sell what ever that season calls for. @Mj_206 your thoughts?

That being said, here in AZ people are posting in clothing-shoes, baby-kids, games-toys, and General categories. If I was going to post what you’re selling I would split up the Halloween costumes. posting kids, in baby & kids and men’s & women’s costumes in clothing & shoes categories.
I would also recommend checking those categories to see how active Halloween costumes are in your local area. 🇬🇧😎🔚