What is going on!! Shipping prices are all lowered drastically and weight is lowered too!!

Level 5

I am stunned!! I have over 700 vinyl records listed on OU for shipping! Now this morning i see that in each shipping bracket the prices were dropped drastically and all of my 700 listed records now have the wrong shipping weight and price!! I will have to spend the entire weekend removing the shipping option for all of my records period or cancelling all my listings and move to Ebay instead. Because right now, if anyone orders a single record on buy now, they will not have ADEQUATE shipping label for the weight. Why are the shipping prices being completely messed up??! It looks like i am done here. Sadly I will have a horrible weekend , had plans with my kids but now I have to fix this mess that OU has created. It will be very hard on a tiny cellphone to fix this mess! Thanks OU! Oh and NO ONE will pay $7 shipping for 1 vinyl record which is the price it would be if offerup has their way. 

Level 4

I have noticed the same thing. All my rings are now $3 shipping. The cheapest usps has charged me is $4.05

who picks up the $1 difference?  How come there is no post etc. telling us about this change? OfferUp used to charge too much and I wondered who got the profit, now it is the opposite. 

Level 5

I hear ya, I am beyond upset about this! I am livid!! have over 700 vinyl records listed on buy now shipping and they are all wrong now. I am going through them as fast as i can to remove  those options on my listings. This will take up a huge chunk of my weekend! I had plans with my kids. I cant believe that they do not even think about what they are doing to us sellers who make them money!! They are for sure going to lose a lot of us for this. 

Level 5

I just lost a sale on an offer that someone made!!! Thanks OU!