What’s with people asking “Is it still available” and after you reply “yes it is..” they disappear?

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I have en entirely different take on your question, however let me first be very clear that I am not targeting "my vent" at you whatsoever.  Furthermore, you partially qualified part of your question ("especially when they can clearly see that the item has just been posted") which my response here does not apply to.


So, to qualify I am primarily a buyer of items who happens to live in the Orlando area.  I happen to drive a lot and typically drive from Jacksonville to Miami to Ft. Myers a couple times a month.  Prior to or when just arriving in another city, I might well see a posting of an item that i'm interested in.  Keep in mind that i'm there for hours, perhaps the day... but that's it.  So, when I make an offer or ask a question that receives ZERO response, that DOES beg any of the above questions: Is this for sale?  Have you moved to Nova Scotia?  Are you actually alive?  My guess is that the "is this still for sale" might come across a tad less rude LOL.  


Here's another one that i've encountered.  I've found an item that I want to buy.  The description is clear, I am decisive, and I don't even make a 'buyer's offer" but Offer an offer equal to the Seller's asking price.  What often happens next is about as satisfying as have a Colonoscopy... without anesthesia.... while your friends and family sit around and watch; Nothing, nada, crickets, not a peep, owner not home!  BUT WAIT!?  A day or two later i'll get a response that actually sounds like my 6 year old daughter wiping sleepy fairy dust out of her eyes and blurting out "ummm hi".  What follows is often the  lame (or very similar) excuse of "I try and check my messages every day or so".  There's a really cute feature that OfferUp has, called Notifications.  If a buyer chooses to not use this feature, fine its his/her loss.  If a Seller chooses to not have listing Notifications on - well, don't cry and blame OfferUp (or the rest of the world) because you can't sell items.


My point being that "Sellers" can be douce-bags too.  If you really really (add another really) think about it, why would some people become predisposed to ask what would seem to some to be an absolutely stupid question??  Simple answer, because many buyers (myself included) have become conditioned by sellers to have to ask that seemingly ridiculous question.  Sure, I may not initiate a conversation with "is this still for sale", but I can guarantee you this much - it's often my second question way more often than I should have to ask.

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I have offered a quite a few times on items that either go to SOLD right after my offer (maybe they forgot to change availability) or the seller tells me its not available and never marks it as such.

It's a harmless question.
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hi @stephm ,,,welcome to the forums,,,,,,,,,,not all of us sellers are like that,,,,,,,i will sell you everything i have listed,,,,,,,i will respond fairly quick most of the time,,,,and you can even give me lowball offers and i will enjoy it ,,,,,,,,,hell,,,,,we can even go have coffee after the sale,,,,,,,,,some of us sellers are good guys

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Hi @OrlandoAndy ,,,,,welcome to the forums,,,,,,,,,,i wanted to ad to what you said,,,,,,,also ,,,,,,is this item still available is one of the suggestions of offerup,,,,,,,,,,you dont even have to type it out,,,,,,,its a good starter to a conversation just to see if the seller is gonna respond right away or not.

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Personally I think its spammers, I go to their profile if they have NO listings I dont reply. for all i know they are hackers

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lol at hackers,,,,,,,,,wouldnt a good hacker have better profile than that?,,,,,,,,,maybe its just people that have yet to use the app much,,,,,,,,,,,welcome to the forum @MoonChild66

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some of you folks,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i wonder ,,,,,,,,have you ever used the app for buying?,,,,,,,when you go to ask a question,,,,,,,,,there are canned messages offerup put there,,,,,,,,,,thats why we get those messages,,,,,,,,,,,,because the smart folks at offerup think its a good idea to ask,,,,,,,,,,is this item still available?

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Welcome to the Community Forums @MoonChild66.

By hacker, do you mean someone else, using a valid account of another member? 

The pre-written responses make it easy to just accidentally send that message. I've done it myself, but always follow-up with apology and explanation. Others just do waste peoples time doing this. Sometimes out of curiosity, I would think. Others maybe just to bother.

I prefer to respond with a typed message asking my question or making an offer that includes the persons name. That way there's no mistake, I appear interested and invested in doing business. I don't like the pre-written responses myself.

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I get this a lot and respond "yes, it's available. Are you interested?" Then they drop off the planet. If not interested, be polite and say, I'm sorry, just browsing. Nobody has common couresty.