What’s with people asking “Is it still available” and after you reply “yes it is..” they disappear?

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I hate when I feel my time has been wasted. People are funny. I try and reply quickly because an impulse sale can be lost if you don't
Personally i think its great. I have made offers on items in the past only to find out a month later that the seller forgot to mark it SOLD. So instead of going through the motions of making an offer...its nice just to tap on box marked Is this still available ? Its also a nice way to "break the ice"...
so to speak and reminds
you to be polite.
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Great, but the problem is they almost never have any any follow up questions.... I'm assuming it's because there's no "box" for that or they are sending that first "is this still available" just to have the conversation saved in messages in case they do want to proceed with the purchase...
Again, many people got it here wrong. I do not have a problem with the question itself. It's the fact that they don't ask anything else even when I reply right away (most of the time) and they are still online...
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They dont ever even read the "yes" or "no", extremely aggravating
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Why do they say I would like to buy it and you say ok sure then no more response ?
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This does happen for a number of reasons, per our uses...
1. Are just lookie-loos
2. Lost interest & manners
3. Teenies with no parental guidance.
Would just "shake it off"...
works for me Smiley Wink GLTU!
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I almost always ask if an item is still available because many of the items I get interested in were posted at least a month prior.  My problem is getting buyers to reply AT ALL to any question.  I have legitimate questions.  Before I drive half an hour or more one way to find someone in the boonies or across a bridge tunnel (there are several where I live); I want to make sure that item is something that may fit or work for my needs.  So buyers, keep that in mind, especially if you post crappy pics (or maybe just one weird pic).



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Sorry, in my post where I said "buyers", I meant "sellers".


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Very frustrating for sure. I prefer to personalize my messages to show my sincere interest. Seems quite a few users do not like the canned replies.
GLTU & Ciao´ for now...
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When items are sold, I find that some sellers will not mark their sold items. They will just leave it out there and not reply to chats or offers. Very frustrating. Ther ed is an item that I would really like to purchase and for the last four days, no reply.