What’s with people asking “Is it still available” and after you reply “yes it is..” they disappear?

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When items are sold, I find that some sellers will not mark their sold items. They will just leave it out there and not reply to chats or offers. Very frustrating. There is an item that I would really like to purchase and for the last four days, no reply.
Its a robotic type thing to keep you thinking it works..nobody asks that unless its month old post
I agree these lowlifes want everything for peanuts for free and then they might and I repeat they might respond. Sorry but my opinion is there flea market vouchers that want to buy it for nothing so they can sell it for 20 times more at the flea market and I'm over myself
It's not asking the question is it still available is the problem it's that when you respond immediately no matter what they never respond anymore so that's what gets annoying why are you asking if it's still available if you not even interested in the first place