Whats some tips to attract buyers to your post?

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Any tips on how to take pictures or what to put as your title to attract buyers to sell faster??
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I seem to remember this being discussed in a blog but can't seem to find it.

Maybe I imagined it, anyways...

For photos the best lighting is natural light.

Make sure the item is by itself, preferably with a blank backdrop.

You can use a 50cent posterboard if the item is small / medium in size.

Zoom far enough to get the complete item in the shot.

As for the title it should be direct and to the point.

"Black Mongoose Bike 2016

Mongoose bicycle, still works as intended.
Minor scuffs and price is negotiable.
Model: 75HD7FNN came out in 2016"

No need to add a bunch of !!! or capital letters.


After some light research best I can find is this regarding photos, basically all I mentioned.