When customers try to make you feel bad for them

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i used to fall for the "sob story" routine. It got to the point that i finally sought advice from more experienced sellers about how to conduct myself with the scamming buyers that are out there.  First of all, you should always get the most knowledge about the thing your selling.  then make sure you have searched out all of the other items that are the same as yours and get the prices and descriptions so when the potential customer/buyer tries to lowball you, you are prepared for them. remember you have to be "thick skinned".  dont let yourself "feel sorry" for them.  if they try to make you feel bad, let that be the first intial indication that they are a scammer! remember - anyone who tries to make you feel bad, is pulling a scam! and that includes that pretty young woman with a baby in her arms!

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i agree fungushead, that is the best idea i have heard so far!

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I apologize in advance that I didn't go back and read the many comments contributed (yet). I read the OP comment of course.
I agree with what said today, @mrbig. To be sure, the best negotiating tool you have, as a seller, is never being afraid to say no and walk away.
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I agree.