Where are the community guidelines?

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Good day! Need some help. I am not sure what in particular among the community guidelines i violated as i cant respond to messages on my account. Hope you may be of help. Thank you.
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@LouLuzano let me be one of the first to welcome you to the OfferUp Community forum,

LouLuzano if you’re getting an Error; R37KPRMM or messages saying your about to Violate OfferUp guidelines

Usually mean you are doing something against OfferUp guidelines, which is fixable! Just make sure you aren't sending outside personal information or sending people the same exact message as it may be flagged as spam. or perhaps a mislabeled server error if you believe you've done nothing wrong.

If you're in good standing the issue will resolve itself. You should be able to message within 24/48 hours at the latest. If not I would recommend contact OfferUp customer care from the link below. I have also added the OfferUp selling app guidelines below as well. 😎🇬🇧🔚

OfferUp Customer care

Community Standards/Guidelines:  https://ask.offerup.com/887968861

Posting Rules: https://ask.offerup.com/887969001
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Most likely a common mislabeled error maybe this; https://community.offerup.com/t5/Welcome/Cannot-send-messages-to-buyer-R37KPRMM-error/m-p/42205/high...

Beat me to it hotrod haha
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Thank you very much for that information. That helps a lot. I will try contact offer up team as its been more than 24hrs but still i cant respond to messages. I am not aware that i cant copy and paste inquiry to different seller but now i will surely be cateful on that. God bless.
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@LouLuzano your welcome, glad goblin and I could help. I’d still give it till the 48 hours has lapsed before contacting customer care. Have a great evening. 😎🇬🇧🔚