Why buyers never actually read the full listing????

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As a seller on offer up one of my biggest pet peeve is when buyers constantly ask the same stupid questions when they are very clearly included in the listing in details. Why don’t you take a second and find the answer to your question right in the app.

What’s your pet peeves?
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Thanks for starting this thread, @Superseller! Along with pet peeves, I'd also love to hear what you all have in mind on how we can fix it. Let us know and let's get the conversation started!

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Hi @Superseller welcome to the OfferUp Community forum,
Yes I totally understand, it’s really frustrating, it probably trolls because anyone looking to buy your items you would think they are reading the posts.
Yep asking where your location is when
There’s a map with your location lol.
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I have begun putting the following on the top of my postings. Then I add all details of the item below. I have had several sellers send me a message saying they love it and will be doing the same to their items.

*Yes it’s available (if you are tempted to ask, don’t!)
*Do not make the offer if you are not going to follow through
* no trolls/just browsing/time wasters
*location: (I add street name only here) please map this street before you contact me to see if it’s within your driving distance
*Pick up times are weekends or at 7-730pm weeknights.
If this doesn’t work for you then do not make an offer, I have to make the times convenient for Me when I know I am available and home anyway doing those household chores.
You will pull into the “circle” on (street name) and then message me when here and I’ll open garage where the item is kept. It’s a small street so no need to give you my address too. Too many no shows on OfferUp to give the address
*no holds

I am finding I am not getting questions anymore just the offers. Still not 100% no shows but at least I’m not waiting for anyone anymore. And if a question comes in where the answer is already in the ad I just won’t answer them. I post my items on Craigslist too and last week someone via that platform asked if an item was available I wrote back (could not hold back) and said I don’t sell to those that don’t read my full ad. Lost a sale? Maybe, but I am beyond frustrated and would rather lose it and keep trying

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I LOVE this, @JMS211!! Great tips Smiley Happy

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One of my pet peeves is people who post pet peeve threads!!! Smiley LOL



Nah, I'm sooo kidding @Superseller. Welcome to the Community Forums. Be sure to look around: there are plenty of pet peeve threads....probably have one myself, haha. 


I've delt with years & years buyers who simply refuse to read the description. This has the same everywhere, starting with Craigslist. It would bug me because I'm very good with getting enough detail, in easy to read way. Like you @JMS211 I've always place those items but they still get ignored. It doesn't bother me as much if they truly are interested though.


@Superseller check out some other threads and share your ideas and opinions. Throw around some kudos here and there too!

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How much more detail do people want ? You give size, color, price etc. And still they don't bother to take the time ! So aggravating when you put everything in the ad & still you get stupid questions. Please, just take the time to read it all, everything is explained clearly !
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My pet peeve is people who are meeting you someplace public and do not let you know you will be late. And do not bring the exact sale amount and expect you to make change.
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My pet peeve is when you answer the buyers questions even when answers are posted then go back and forth. They tell you they want it... I ask what is a good time for you and they never respond back.

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The majority of buyers don't come with the exact dollar amount. I've found it easier to have change on hand which is irritating because when you agree on a price buyers should have that amount . Don't get me wrong im new at this and have met great people and im fortunate to not have any real problems with my sales.