Why does offerup continue to allow people to sell pot?

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Hey @Elin, marijuana  may be legal in some states like oregon but its still illegal federally. Besides being prohibited in the guidelines, you are supposed to be 21 or older to purchase it in states that allow it and I guarantee these people selling on here aren't checking id's. You are helping children obtain drugs from people who are not reputable dealers so does offer up really want to be known for putting children at risk and contributing to their delinquency. I don't think that would look to good. Also now with nationwide shipping have you thought about offerups potential criminal  liabiity if people use the app to sell marijuana across state lines through the post office. That's trafficking across state lines and definitely violation of federal law. And since offer up collects the money provides the shipping label they might as well be selling the pot the!selves. It may even go as far as being a criminal conspiracy. I just thought ypumguys shoul

D think about that. Don't let some Scumbags ruin a great app for every one thanks

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Hey @jd41 - the sale of marijuana is strictly prohibited on OfferUp. If you see this type of post, please report the user to our Customer Care team. Even though it may be legal in some states, it is still not legal to resell without a license. Community members that post marijuana will be permanently removed from the platform when reported.

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Thats a very good point to bring up @jd41 , offerup would indeed be acting breaking the laws if they were involved in anyway with the sale of marijuana,,collecting the money for the purchase and shipping would indeed be criminal,,,,,,,and  @Mj_206 offerup does not react fast enough when we flag something,,,,many of us that do flag things,,,when we dont see the post removed,,,,,,its just not worth our time anymore to bother with it,,,,,,,and there are many posts that are against the rules that have been up for a year or more,,,,and many violations ,,,if you do a search for some of them,,,,,,its like a whole category of them,,,,,,shows that offerup does not care about some of it,,,,,it appears to me that they are more interested in growing numbers of users and posts , probably to get more investors interested,,,,,,,,,,,an example,,,,,,garage sale listings are not allowed ,,,,even no i think there should be a category for them,,,,,they are against the rules,,,,,,,,if you just do a simple search for them in washingon state ,home of offerup,,,,,,,,you find tons of them,,,,,,,,it wouldnt take someone all that much time to do searches like that and just remove them,,,,,,,,,,if offerup doesnt care enough to remove posts that are against the rules in a timely fashion,,,,,many of us just dont care to waste our time to flag them ,,,,,,,,,,and then there are the posts that get removed automaticly that are not against the rules ,,,,offerup is fairly good about putting them back,,,,,,,,but not so good at fixing the problem,,,,either they dont have someone qualified that knows how to fix it,,,,or its not on the top of their prioritys list,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,maybe it should be required that everyone working for offerup actualy get on the app and use it and see whats going on,,,,,,,,,,,,,i have seen almost every violation of the rules there is on offerup just in the last six weeks,,,,guns,marijuana,live animals ,services want ads,,,ammo,,,,,etc,,,,every rule broken,,,,,and  most of thats just in a 30 mile radius of me here in western washington,,,,,,,,,,,,,offerup will indeed be guilty of criminal acts when they start collecting money for guns and drugs being shipped to other places,,,,,a lot of these will not be seen unless a person is actualy looking at the posts.

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Hey @Mj_206, I know its prohibited that's why I brought it up. And I did report the user 2 days ago and guess what it doesn't do any good because the post is still up. I always report it when I see it and 9/ times out of 10 the post doesn't get taken down and the person doesn't get banned. That's the point I was making.

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Great point @jd41.
Just to highlight the point @Mj_206 stated to be clear and not get lost:

Community members that post marijuana will be permanently removed from the platform when reported.

It's important to report things we see that are wrong; not just make accusations regarding the intent of OfferUp.
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@cyclomatic My comment was not an accusation,,,,,i was just commenting on what i see,,,,,,,offerup obviously puts growth as priority over weeding out the prohibited posts,,,,,,,they are spending money and man power on shipping to grow,,,,,and NOT removing prohibited posts very fast,,,,,and its obvious they are not using much of thier own man power to find post that need  to be removed,,,i would assume that they are relying mostly on us flaging them,,,,,,,,,,,,these are not accusations,,,they are observations,,,,,,,,,if one is actualy looking for prohibited posts,, its not hard to find lots of them

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@jd41 I report sales of pipe and sometimes get removed right away and sometimes not. I'm guessing how deligent the customer support (?) person react to the report.
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@jd41 even in my state ,wa,where marijuana is supposedly legal,,,,many many stores to buy it in my small town,,,,,,,,its not legal for just anyone to sell it,,,,police and dea still work on enforcing illegal growing and sales of it,,,,,,,back in november there was a huge bust,,,,,,they seized over 80 million dollars worth of marijuana from illegal grow operations  all over the county,,,,,,,huge bust at many locations all at once involving over 200 dea , fbi, local police and others,,chinese nationals,,,,many of which just got sent back to china, much property and money was all siezed,,,,,,,,,,,,,what im getting at is if you do see marijuana being sold on offerup,,,,,go and report it at your local police station,,,,,,they collect this information and will do something about it most times. ,,,,,,,,,voters are too liberal now days and then  wonder why we have so many more problems in our society , 

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@0317, I live in Oregon where its legal and there are pot shops all over but you can grow it yourself for personal use not to sell but people do. What gets me is its legal but you're not supposed to smoke in public. Yet people do and the cops don't do crap. I don't care if people smoke pot but it **bleep** me off when I take my daughter to the park and some idiot thinks its cool to smoke dope at the playground around kids. I've almost co!e to blows over that. I tell them you know smoking pot here is illegal and also how do you think exposing kids to smoke is OK. Half the ti!e the idiots are like I can smoke wherever I want its legal now. Idiots focus on the pot being legal and none of the actually law.  

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Yeah @jd41 i agree with you ,,,,,,here in wa ,,,,its not legal for someone to smoke it if i can smell it ,,,,,or see it,,,,,,,,,,they are even breaking the law smoking it in thier house if i can see it through their window as i walk by on the sidewalk or smell it,,,,,,a few months back in the parking lot of walmart some guy commented to me about someone sitting in their car beside where we were parked smoking it,,,,,,i told him,,,,,,lets call the police and see if it does any good,,,,,we both called and reported it,,,,,,,the guy got pulled over as he drove off,,,,,,,not sure if he got arrested,,,,,,,,but people just act like its perfectly ok and legal to smoke it where ever ,,,,,,and its not,,,,,,,,,,i cant figure out what voters were thinking legalizing it,,,,,they must not care about thier children or grandchildrens well being,,,,,,,,,,,plus,,,,,its not marijuana like 40 years ago,,,,its a much powerful geneticly modified marijuana,,,,,much more powerful and also addictive,,,,,,,its not the marijuana i knew as a kid,,,,,,,,,,but as we become more and more liberal as a society ,,a nation,,,,,,,,things are gonna get even worse,,,,,,to many citys,states deciding to not follow our federal laws,,,,,,,its getting to where we are not "united" states anymore,,,,,,,,and now,,,,,even here in offerup forums,,,,,,,people complain about the way things are,,,,,,,,,what do people expect when they vote to be so liberal.