Why does offerup continue to allow people to sell pot?

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Irrelevant rant.

There are reasons why weed is not allowed on this app.

Mostly liability based.
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You can order weed on amazon so why not offerup
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@MrEdG I'll tell you why in a sec.

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thatsnot accurate.. i prefer this doesnt turn into a sematic arguement or politics or goverment or ur theories as to why u think canabbis should be allowed on an application you dont even run. Fyi hemp with low level to no thc is allowed in the uk
maybe Canada on amazons but i looked and nothing no marijuana shows up for US their policy says they dont allow something illegal under states law. on that note they were talkin about pharmacies business joint venture but nothin solid is set. U guys give people who blaze a bad name. stop stiring **bleep** up for no reason.....there are a million other options you can use to get ur weed why cry over offerup not allowing it???..... 🤔Mr.EdG = edgy???? Okay......
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Because pot isn't legal everywhere yet and it is a liability to offer up because they offer shipping , they provide the mailing label, process the money. Not to mention a little something called trafficking a cross state lines so that's why

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@jd41 You know it's kind of funny, how quick someone can snitch on another person to remove a posting, but yet drug$ being sold on OfferUp will never be removed.

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@tdeluiz45, my biggest beef with it is people constantly wanting to trade weed for my stuff. Its insulting especially since weed legal in Oregon it really has no monetary value. Everyone has it so it ain't worth crap and besides if I wanted weed I could grow my own. 

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@jd41 You know man, I would love to talk to you about this one day as you're more than welcome to private message me anytime you would like. As today Tuesday, November 6, 2018, was officially my 42nd Birthday. And the only Birthday in a long time that I've ever had to spend alone. So goodnight!

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"that want to chastise me for supposedly being pro-pot when in reality I'm against all drug$ period including Alcohol!!!"

Que? I hope I'm not on that list, because I don't feel that way. Much like @jd41 I also don't like when people bother me, asking if I would like to trade for weed or "xanys"
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@goblin It wasn't directed towards you but other "nameless individuals", but here let me edit it!!!